Promote yourself and use your application to create a memorable impression of you as an individual, to make your application stand out from all the rest.

To make sure that we receive your intended promotional message as well the requested information, here are a few basic rules. Your application should consist of the following documents:

1 Covering letter

Short and sweet. Introduce yourself on a single page of A4 paper. Tell us why you think you are the right person for WAGNER. Show that you have researched the position and our company and present your relevant qualifications and personal experience in a structured format.

2 Curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae is a full account of your career history, with no gaps. Beside each professional milestone, list your main responsibilities and fill the table with clear and structured information. Don't forget to provide complete contact details where we can reach you during the day. It would be a pity if we wanted to get to know you better but had no means of contacting you.

3 Appendices/Certificates

The attached appendices document the various milestones in your curriculum vitae. However, we do not need every single education certificate. Simply send us copies of written (work) certificates that are relevant for the vacancy. If you are using our online application form, make things easy for both yourself and us by combining the appendices in a structured document.

4 Finally

Check your application before you send it to correct any required criteria and errors. Your application is your personal business card and we would like our first impression of you to be a convincing one.

If you have any questions about your application, our contact persons will be pleased to answer them by telephone.

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