A Wagner working day for Romina Bubeck & Tobias Brutsch

Romina Bubeck & Tobias Brutsch, Mechatronics Engineer

As Mechatronics Engineers, there is no such thing as a typical WAGNER working day for us. During our three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship, we are getting to know all the different technical departments and have already completed phases in certain areas. For example, in Testing. This was an opportunity to work on the latest technical developments, test devices and study innovations. We also spent time in Industrial Solutions pre-assembly. Once again, we worked on a wide range of activities there, including assembling a powder centre. From assembling individual components to wiring sensors and magnetic valves, through to the final stage of our work on the system - electrical and mechanical testing.

Are you interested in...?


...combining electronics and mechanics with challenging tasks? The things that we particularly like about WAGNER are the very varied technical challenges and the chance to work on our own initiative. Our work with both the Industrial Solutions and Decorative Finishing Divisions brings us into contact with a very diverse range of units and systems, from simple spraying guns through to complex coating systems. We are attracted by the mixture that WAGNER represents: on the one hand an innovative technology leader and on the other, a family company owned by Foundations.

Our tip


If you are enthusiastic about technology, like to quickly take on responsibility for your work and want to work in many different departments during your apprenticeship, then a WAGNER Mechatronics Engineer is the right choice for you!

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