Graduates & entry-level recruits

We can help you take your first steps on the career ladder! Have you successfully completed your apprenticeship and/or (technical college) course and are now looking for the right job to finally apply your skills, with interesting tasks and some initial responsibility?

We will support you on your career path! Do you have up to three years of professional experience and are now looking for an opportunity to develop your career and personal skills with a new company?

Dazzle us with your motivation and come and join us. Check our vacancies here and start turning your career plans into reality: vacancies for graduates and entry-level recruits

Timo Schmidt, Junior Product Manager Industrial Solutions

"I joined WAGNER after applying to do my master's dissertation work with the company. On completion of my dissertation, I was then offered a position as a Junior Product Manager with WAGNER. Of course, I accepted the job immediately as, even during the time I had spent there working on my master's dissertation, I was impressed by the great personal support and the wide spectrum of roles and entry-level opportunities for graduates."

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