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High-performance W 670 fine spray system

+++ For the quick, clean, fill-coverage spraying of enamels and varnishes +++ fast colour changes and simple cleaning with the Click & Paint system +++

Spring has arrived: The first sunny days are an invitation to fetch the garden chairs from the shed and treat them to a new coat of paint. Garden sheds, fences, shutters and window frames also look forward to a new protective coating in the spring. And inside? Here wardrobes and rocking chairs are waiting to be transformed into attractive eye-catchers. Which means it's good to be equipped with WAGNER's new W670 fine spray system. Its high-performance, versatile low-pressure spray system makes it possible to spray a wide range of enamels, varnishes, wood preservatives, plant protection products, primers, oil-based products and polishes far faster than is possible with a paint brush. Another advantage lies in the fact that even after a single coat, this spray technology achieves a sealed, homogeneous paint layer (confirmed by iLF Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Magdeburg).

Operation of the fine spray system could not be easier. The W 670 is equipped with a 2-stage switch for high-viscosity materials such as enamels and low-viscosity materials like varnishes. The sprayed paint volume is continuously adjustable and can therefore be adapted to your individual working speed. The spray jet can be adjusted to be flat or circular depending on whether you want to coat surfaces or edges. In this way, it is even possible to spray stencilled patterns accurately and cleanly.

Exceptionally practical: The W 670 is equipped with WAGNER's Click & Paint system which allows both the paint pot and spraying attachment to be clicked out of the unit together. As a result, the paint can be changed in an instant and cleaning becomes child's play. Thanks to the Click & Paint technology, a handle extension and various spraying attachments for special applications – all of which are available from stockists – can be click-fitted to the unit.

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