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WallPerfect W 665

+++ The classic paint spraying system for internal walls +++

Brilliant white, stunning colours or interesting focal points? Renovation and decorating ideas can be made reality with extreme ease using the WallPerfect W 665 wall paint spray system from WAGNER. Its innovative I-Spray spray attachment atomises internal wall paints perfectly to produce a fast, uniform finish with perfect coverage. The paint volume is infinitely adjustable. And the spray jet can be adjusted horizontally or vertically to suit the direction in which you wish to work. The unit is particularly easy to handle: You only hold the spray attachment in your hand whilst spraying, while the turbine remains on the floor or can be placed over the shoulder.

The paint is sprayed at low pressure in a single pass - with no time-consuming cutting in of corners and edges. All this means that you can paint up to 12 square metres at one go without having to pause. Colour changes or cleaning up afterwards are also performed quickly. The spraying attachment can just be twisted off for replacement or quickly removed to be rinsed clean.

If you want to use the WallPerfect W 665 to spray enamel paints and varnishes, just click-fit the varnish spraying attachment that is available from your stockist and give your doors, furniture and garden fences a new lease of life. The PERFECT SPRAY seal of quality on the paint container indicates which paint and enamels products can be applied with the spraying system - the green PERFECT SPRAY seal stands for internal wall paint and the red one for enamels and varnishes. Time to start that creative, straightforward renovation work!
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