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WallPerfect W 985 E Making painting fun

++ Paint with a spray lance with no fatigue ++ For walls and ceilings ++

Painting with a brush, roller, drip tray and mess is a thing of the past. If you want to give your four walls a new look, you will be better served by a modern spray system. This comes as no surprise because the "roller's successor", as a DIY magazine described it, applies paint to a wall "must faster than a roller". With the WallPerfect W 985 E, WAGNER has added a particularly fast spray unit to its portfolio. It makes painting fun.

The innovative WallPerfect W 985 E low-pressure spray system permits high-quality paint application on walls and ceilings. The lightweight 70 cm spray lance and a very large range means that even large ceilings can be painted easily, uniformly and without mess - and without tiring out the painter! Whole rooms can be sprayed in a single pass without the need to precoat corners and edges. One very practical feature is the fact that the paint is drawn in direct from its container and then atomised for spraying on to the wall. It is also possible to adjust the paint volume infinitely to match your working speed. That means that surfaces of up to 3.5 m² can be coated every minute. When the job is done, cleaning takes only a matter of minutes: Just let clean water circulate through the feed pump and then rinse the spray head briefly - done!

The WallPerfect W 985 E is suitable for water-based internal wall paints as well as for emulsions and latex paints. With an adapter and additional spray attachment, the device can also be used outdoors to apply lacquer or varnish.

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