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Titan™ RX-PRO Receives Sherwin-Williams’
2016 Vendor Product the Year Award

The Titan™ RX-PRO airless spray gun was recently recognized by Sherwin-Williams with the company’s 2016 Vendor Product of the Year award. Titan, a well-known brand of the WAGNER Group, is a supplier of professional-grade spraying equipment to Sherwin-Williams paint stores in the U.S. and Canada and, over the years, has received several Sherwin-Williams awards in different categories.

This is the second year in a row a Titan product was chosen by Sherwin-Williams for the prestigious award. The Sherwin-Williams Vendor Product of the Year Award recognizes a single new product or product line that provides breakthrough technology, immediate sales and strong field organizational support. Sherwin-Williams is North America´s largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies with approximately 4.600 neighborhood stores across the country.


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PILOT GA 9010 Marking for
sharp-edged markings

The new spray gun for spot and line marking allows sharp-edged markings to be made in OK/NOK parts marking, in alphanumeric labelling and in food processing - with a smooth and seamless production process.

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A shining example of
industrial adhesion

It was with headlamps that the family company HELLA made its name. In addition to halogen headlamps as standard basis technology, it has produced xenon headlamps for over 20 years, and LED systems for a few years.

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New 2K Smart: Flow measurement
via stroke sensor

The 2K Smart from WAGNER is an electronically controlled mixing and dosing system. Depending

on the material, stroke sensors, gear or Coriolis flow meters are generally used for the flow

measurement, which is necessary to ensure a high-quality finish.

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LIGNA 2017

WAGNER shows powder coating of MDF plates

New liquid coating equipment as another highlight at the leading fair for the wood



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