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Titan™ RX-PRO Receives Sherwin-Williams’
2016 Vendor Product the Year Award

The Titan™ RX-PRO airless spray gun was recently recognized by Sherwin-Williams with the company’s 2016 Vendor Product of the Year award. Titan, a well-known brand of the WAGNER Group, is a supplier of professional-grade spraying equipment to Sherwin-Williams paint stores in the U.S. and Canada and, over the years, has received several Sherwin-Williams awards in different categories.

This is the second year in a row a Titan product was chosen by Sherwin-Williams for the prestigious award. The Sherwin-Williams Vendor Product of the Year Award recognizes a single new product or product line that provides breakthrough technology, immediate sales and strong field organizational support. Sherwin-Williams is North America´s largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies with approximately 4.600 neighborhood stores across the country.


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High-efficiency monocyclone saves
energy and powder

Many companies ask themselves how they can use less energy to reduce costs and protect the environment more. For powder coating, WAGNER has an excellent solution: the EEP series with its potential savings of up to 40 %.

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High-rotation atomiser for
robot applications

Robot systems are becoming cheaper and therefore attractive to a growing number of industrial companies. As a result, WAGNER is now offering the new TOPFINISH RobotBell 1, a versatile, high-rotation atomiser for automated, robot-operated coating systems.

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Tribo lance PEM-TL1: efficient powder
-coating for extra-large dimensions

An automated powder coating system for large workpieces inevitably means high investment costs. One alternative is manual coating using WAGNER's new Tribo lance PEM-TL1. The benefits derived from the ergonomic design and Tribo technology can be summed in higher productivity combined with reduced coating costs.

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Menu-controlled paint changes
for greater security

Short processing times, reduced handling and top coating quality - these were the key requirements for a leading Swiss contract coating company's new surface system. WAGNER's SuperCube integrated fast paint-changing system with the new PXS powder feeder centre has mastered them with ease.

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WAGNER E-Line: a smart approach
to powder coating

WAGNER's new E-Line application solution is a complete package for carefree powder coating. This compact all-round solution offers an economical entry point to professional powder coating – at a convincing price.


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