Guides & Project examples
Guides & Project examples

On this page you will find selected step by step guides for a more beautiful home.

Guides for consumers and DIY enthusiasts

Would you like to give something a new lease of life or create something completely new? WAGNER has created a range of practical DIY guides for making, renovating and upcycling.Whether you´re a beginner or a professional – be part of the DIY trends, create something new by upcycling some old items to give them a new purpose or add a touch of colour to your home. DIY doesn’t just save you money it can be fun and gives you a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.



Before starting a project - no matter how small - good preparation is the key to success. Therefore our Wagner experts have created easy to understand guides with step-by- step instructions and pictures. These include a detailed list of the  required materials as well as a construction plan all of which are available to download.

We give you the ideas and knowledge about how to create them which will hopefully give you the inspiration to create  your own projects.

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