• Tackling the wall!

    Spray once instead of brushing x times. Our wall paint spraying systems help you to achieve even coverage in a single pass.

  • Get that lacquer coating on!

    A smarter and more durable way to apply lacquers and varnishes.

Give brushes the elbow

And experience the difference with spraying


WAGNER's fine spraying systems allow you to work much more quickly in comparison with using a brush and conventional roller. And more professionally: the surface quality and coverage are visibly better, the time savings can be clearly measured and the work is far easier, in particular in difficult areas. See for yourself!

1. Preserving the original surface texture through intelligent paint application

The key advantage of the spray process lies in the fact that it is a noncontactmethod of paint application. The texture of the original surface is left intact – in complete contrast to the results of manual application using a roller or brush.

When paint is applied to smooth surfaces manually with a brush or roller, the direct contact leaves visible traces due to the tool, such as roller outlines or brush marks on the surface. Spraying preserves the original texture even when working on textured surfaces such as Artex® or woodchip wallpapers.

The coat is uneven. The surface characteristics are lost.
The coat is uniform and even. The surface characteristics are preserved.

2. Better surface quality

Fences, furniture and other objects which are exposed to the weather need protection: the sun, wind, rain and snow, high and low temperatures and moisture attack their surfaces. The right coating makes surfaces more resistant - so that you can continue to enjoy them for as long as possible.

  • preserves for longer
  • more resistant
Applying paint using a brush
Applying paint using a paint spray gun

3. Perfect coverage

WAGNER paint spraying systems guarantee a uniform coating of paint and perfect coverage. In direct comparison with rollers and brushes, the results achieved with WAGNER spraying systems are visibly better. At the end of the day, you deserve the best possible surface finish.

  • even application of paint
  • perfect coverage
  • best surface quality
Conventional roller
WAGNER fine spraying unit

4. Work faster and easier

WAGNER paint spraying systems help you to save time compared to working with a brush and roller. This is particularly noticeable when painting large areas but also with intricate items.

There is no need to precoat corners and edges of walls or ceilings with a brush - the paint is applied quickly and evenly to achieve good coverage in a single pass. Ridges and strips caused by repainting with a roller are a thing of the past. Corners and areas that are difficult to access with a brush can be coated in record time thanks to a precisely adjustable paint jet.

Chest of drawers:
Spray gun
4 cm brush
approx. 25 minutes
approx. 85 minutes

approx. 70%
time saving
a room, 4 x 4 m:
WallPerfect W 985 E
roller corner brush
approx. 15 minutes
approx. 58 minutes

approx. 75%
time saving
Window shutters:
Spray gun
6 cm brush
approx. 10 minutes
approx. 70 minutes

approx. 80%
time saving
Wicker chair:
Spray gun
4 cm brush
approx. 25 minutes
approx. 50 minutes

approx. 50%
time saving

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