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Find all information on diaphragm technology and get all questions answered you might have before deciding on your new pump. 

Special conditions require special technology!

Diaphragms isolate, diaphragms protect, diaphragms gently vibrate, diaphragms move with power, for many applications diaphragms simply are...king!

Powerful, robust and easy to use

That is common to all diaphragm pumps! Choose a model which suits your application needs best from our wide range.

Advantages of diaphragm pumps

  • Low maintenance costs for pump repair and service
  • Flexible use and simple handling - from enamel to highly viscous material
  • Cleaning friendly
  • Less overspray for paint application - low pressure operation possible
  • Few sources of error - tough construction and design
  • Gentle to the material without shear forces
  • 10 % longer hoses possible with high pressure operation


When thinking about your new pump you might have asked yourself "Why is a diaphragm pump the right choice for me?". However, most professionals base their decision between diaphragm and piston pump on personal preference and gut feeling instead of facts. Since training and customer value is key to us, we provide all facts for you on the following pages.



Diaphragm - the seal between pump and paint

The big advantage of diaphragm pumps is that the diaphragm ensures a hermetic seal between the mechanical drive with the hydraulic oil and the material being sprayed. That is how it works: a hydraulic piston driven by an electric motor sets the diaphragm in movement. The resulting suction flow opens and closes the inlet and outlet valves. The material is sucked in and pushed out again within one moving cycle. That means, that the diaphragm prevents abrasion and therefore ensures a long service life and little after sales costs.

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Wagner - The diaphragm expert since over 50 years

We have history with diaphragm pump technology! Even our first model in the 1960s erupted the market as an advanced innovation. WAGNER always has been one of the leading diaphragm pump manufacturers in the surface technology world.

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