HeavyCoat 750 G
Spraypack / Petrol

New compact power pack for heavy material

  • Long service and reliability: thanks to new Hydrastroke technology, the operating temperature is significantly reduced, thereby increasing the service life
  • New hydraulic design: inspired by mining and aviation for the toughest demands in terms of the piston pump‘s working and delivery performance
  • Powerful: constant performance for the application of heavy, filled and high-viscosity materials such a bitumen and textured plaster over large areas
  • Superb performance and perfect surface results, even with long hoses
  • Versatile and durable for demanding construction site use
  • Maximum user-friendliness thanks to simple operation

HeavyCoat 750 G
Spraypack / Petrol

ArtNr.: 2371029

Produktbild HC 750 G
  • 81 kg
  • 4.1 kW
  • 230 V / 50 Hz
  • 0.043“
  • 250 bar, 25 MPa
  • 7.6 l/min
  • 65.000 mPas
    • Airless


      Unlike the case of air atomisation, airless atomisation technology atomises the material using the pressure of the material alone, i.e. without the use of any air. An electric, pneumatic or petrol-driven pump pressurises the material and forces a defined quantity of material through a nozzle aperture at up to 25 MPa. During this process, the material is diffused into a finely atomised spray jet. Although airless technology is particularly suitable for the application of emulsions, this spray process is also often used for painting jobs on building sites.

    • Petrol-driven


      Petrol-driven devices are ideal for hard to reach sites where a power supply is not yet available. The brand fuel-driven motor is extremely reliable and durable.

    • Piston pump

      Piston pump

      Piston pumps transport the material by means of a stroke movement in the piston. This creates high suction performance, making them ideal for highly viscous materials. Pneumatically driven piston pumps are explosion-proof and therefore suitable for use in workshops. Our hydraulic piston pumps offer even greater performance and can also be operated with petrol.

Manual <br>HeavyCoat 730 750 770

HeavyCoat 730 750 770


Brochure Airless spraying fillers

Brochure Airless spraying fillers



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