WAGNER diaphragm pumps can be easily adapted to the size of the object. Thanks to their 2-position operation, it is also possible to work directly from the original container. In the case of small areas or when frequent colour changes are required, it is also possible to work with a 5-litre container.

All the piston pumps can be converted from electric to petrol-driven operation (or vice versa) in just a few minutes. This makes them independent of a power source and means they can be used on building sites where there is no electrical power supply.

Correct gun position

To achieve a perfect finish, it is important to move the gun across the surface at an angle of 90° at all times.

  1. It is important to coat the entire surface evenly. Move your arm at a uniform speed and hold the spray gun at a constant distance from the surface. The optimum distance for spraying is 25 - 30 cm from the spray nozzle to the surface.
  2. Hold the spray gun parallel to the surface. This means that you must move you entire arm rather than just the wrist.
  3. Press the trigger on the spray gun after starting to move your arm. Release the trigger again before completing the movement. The spray gun should be moving when you pull the trigger and when you release it.
  4. Overlap each painting movement by approximately 30%. This helps ensure that the paint material is applied evenly.
  5. When applying enamels or emulsion paints, spray the peripheral area (edges and corners) first and then cross-coat the large surfaces.

Nozzle blockages

Blocked nozzles can be cleared again very quickly: Just twist the TradeTip 3 or 2SpeedTip nozzle through 180° and pull the trigger. The nozzle is clear again. Caution: When you do this, the spray jet should not be pointing at the object you want to coat.

Spray pressure and viscosity

The spray jet must be uniform. If streaks appear in the spray jet then the spray pressure is too low or the viscosity of the coating material is too high.

Remedy: Increase the pressure or dilute the coating material. Every pump provides a specific delivery rate relative to the nozzle size.

The rule of thumb is as follows:

  •  Large nozzle = low pressure 
  • Small nozzle = high pressure

Spraying distance

It is important to coat the entire surface evenly. Move your arm at a uniform speed and hold the spray gun at a constant distance from the surface. The optimum distance for spraying is 25 - 30 cm from the spray nozzle to the surface.

What is AirCoat technology?

In the AirCoat process (airless + air) the material is forced through the nozzle at a relatively low pressure (3 - 12 MPa) by a piston or diaphragm pump and compressed air (0.05 - 0.25 MPa) is used to assist in the atomisation process. This is possible thanks to the central air supply (air cap) that is located directly at the nozzle aperture and surrounds the sprayed material like an envelope.

At WAGNER's HVLP and XVLP units, it is possible to adjust exactly the right spray jet for the object you are spraying directly at the gun quickly and easily.

WAGNER original

WAGNER original – accessories: For functionality, safety and service life, you should only use WAGNER original accessories. These have undergone a series of tests to ensure their quality and safety and are precisely adapted to the overall functioning and capacities of the various units.


TradeTip 3 nozzle 111

Easy trimming during emulsion jobs is possible thanks to the TradeTip 3 111 nozzle in combination with the 15 cm nozzle extension.

TradeTip 3 nozzle 629

The best way to spray large areas with ground coats or wallpaper strippers is to use the TradeTip 3 nozzle 629 at an operating pressure of 1 to 2.5 MPa and using a 15 cm nozzle extension.


EasyGlide forms a protective film around cylinders, piston rods and casings and protects the units against premature wear. EasyClean thoroughly cleans all wetted parts and simultaneously provides protection against corrosion.

Hose reels

With a WAGNER hose reel, the material hose is always kept tidily out of the way.

Handling fillers

Handling fillers: Combining a large-volume container with a HeavyCoat unit gives you the perfect filler system for handling Airless spraying fillers. Thanks to the large-volume container (with a capacity up to 100 litres), it is possible to apply fillers to large areas without any need to refill!

TipClick holder

The right place for your nozzle! The TipClick holder can be attached to all Airless guns quickly and easily and provides space for two TradeTip 3 nozzles. This prevents the nozzles from drying out and keeps them handy at all times!

Gun filter

Gun filters prevent nozzle blockages. They also filter the paint before it is applied and thus help you achieve a perfect finish. Range of versions available – optimally adapted for each material.

Air caps

Range of air caps for AirCoat AC 4600 P guns: Choose between three air caps and adapt your gun optimally for use with water-based or solvent-based materials.

  • Blue for water-based materials
  • Red for solvent-based materials
  • Green for water-based and solvent-based materials. Because the air cap has only a low air requirement, it is also possible to use a small compressors


The 5-litre hopper is the perfect way to handle small volumes. The easy-to-clean hopper design means that you can change colour quickly and easily whenever you want.

Spray guns

Please never use a spray gun at a higher operating pressure than specified on the gun. Please never touch the spray jet – as there is a danger of injury. Never point the gun at yourself or other people.

Correct pressure

The pressure gauge not only allows you to see the exact pressure. It is also there for your safety! At a glance you can check what pressure your Airless system is currently working at.

Protective equipment

For your own safety, you should always wear protective equipment consisting of breathing protection, protective goggles and gloves. You will find suitable protective goggles designed to allow you to work with spray units in our product range.

Have the right reflexes

Before working with the unit, when you interrupt your work and whenever a malfunction occurs, you should

  1. Disconnect the power and compressed air supply
  2. Depressurise the spray gun and unit
  3. Secure the spray gun against activation.
  4. In the event of a malfunction, correct the problem as described in the "Troubleshooting" section

WAGNER's professional guarantee

WAGNER gives you a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee on every newly purchased professional spray unit. What's more: You can get an extra two years' cover guarantee by registering your unit online. Unique in this industry! Because: We are certain of our professional quality! Take our word for it!

Introduction to the unit

When buying most WAGNER devices you can get an instruction. Please contact your consultant for an appointment and costs.