The new generation of airless guns from WAGNER - ergonomic and durable

Airless gun for professionals

  • Ideal for application of a variety of lacquers, emulsions and latex paints
  • Simple operation: Light trigger with 1-finger trigger lock
  • Especially ergonomic: handle is easy to clean with smooth swivel
  • Trigger guard with in-built wrench makes filter changes easy

In addtition to the advantages of Vector Pro, Vector Grip stands out with:

  • A perfect fit for every hand : Exchangeable ergonomic grip - available in three different sizes
  • Extra long life: robust packings, rotatable ball seat, replaceable ball, spring assembly outside of fluid path
  • Perfect for any spraying style: Gun comes with 2 triggers. Spray with a 2 or 4 finger trigger
  • With 3 hooks there is almost always the possibility to hang the gun somewhere
  • Unbelievably cost-efficient replacement of wear parts: ball can be replaced and seat can be rotated. Will have you spraying again in no time
  • Incredibly light trigger; noticeably lighter than comparable airless guns

One finger slide lock

stop and resume work again with the press of a finger

One finger slide lock
Especially easy to clean

extra-large grooves provide a good grip and easy cleaning.

Integrated tool

for easy filter changes

Only available with G-thread
Extra light trigger

for fatigue-free work

Exchangeable grip

Small (538228) and large (538230) grips available as practical accessory

Integrated tool

for easy filter changes

Additional clips

hang the gun almost anywhere during work interruptions

Spring assembly

outside of fluid path

Vector Pro



Vector Grip



Rugged housing
Reversible seat and replaceable ball-
Spring assembly outside of fluid path-
Improved shut-off
Extra light trigger-
Exchangeable grip in different sizes-
Built in wrench for easy filter access
Filter in handle
Improved swivel joint
One finger slide lock
G-thread connection ?

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