Why spraying is better

Would you like to know why spraying is better? In our comparison film, we show you how our spray guns compete against brush and roller in real-time recordings from a total of eight cameras. Take a look for yourself.

1. Work faster and easier

WAGNER paint spraying systems help you to save time compared to working with a brush and roller. This is particularly noticeable when painting large areas but also with intricate items.

There is no need to precoat corners and edges of walls or ceilings with a brush - the paint is applied quickly and evenly to achieve good coverage in a single pass. Ridges and strips caused by repainting with a roller are a thing of the past. Corners and areas that are difficult to access with a brush can be coated in record time thanks to a precisely adjustable paint jet.

2. Preserving the original surface texture through intelligent paint application

The key advantage of the spray process lies in the fact that it is a noncontact method of paint application. The texture of the original surface is left intact – in complete contrast to the results of manual application using a roller or brush. When paint is applied to smooth surfaces manually with a brush or roller, the direct contact leaves visible traces due to the tool, such as roller outlines or brush marks on the surface. Spraying preserves the original texture even when working on textured surfaces such as Artex® or woodchip wallpapers.

The coat is uneven. The surface characteristics are lost.

The coat is uniform and even. The surface characteristics are preserved.

3. Perfect coverage

WAGNER paint spraying systems guarantee a uniform coating of paint and perfect coverage. In direct comparison with rollers and brushes, the results achieved with WAGNER spraying systems are visibly better. At the end of the day, you deserve the best possible surface finish.

4. A clean technique

Precise, controlled coats

Just how exact our spray guns are can be seen in this film. We even dare to go within millimetres of an iPad.

5. Quick change of paint

For special tasks, WAGNER offers special spraying attachments which can be exchanged with the original spraying attachment in just one step. This is made possible by the patented Click&Paint system. For example, different colours and materials can be sprayed directly one after the other without intermediate cleaning.

For special applications such as painting radiators or spraying very large or filigree objects, WAGNER offers specially developed spray attachments. The handle extension, which is clicked between the gun holder and the spray attachment, is also very practical. It increases the range of the spray guns so that paint can simply be sprayed on ceilings or paints and varnishes can be gently applied to floors or wooden terraces.

6. Better surface quality

Fences, furniture and other objects which are exposed to the weather need protection: the sun, wind, rain and snow, high and low temperatures and moisture attack their surfaces. The right coating makes surfaces more resistant - so that you can continue to enjoy them for as long as possible.

  • preserves for longer
  • more resistant

To determine which coating method for enamels and varnishes is most effective in terms of preserving the surface, a series of tests was carried out on various common types of wood. A section of the wood was coated using a conventional medium-quality brush and another section was then coated using a WAGNER fine spray system.

The wood was then exposed to the weather. After just a short time, the coating on the wood which had been coated with the brush started to break down completely. However, the coating applied with the paint spray gun proved significantly more resistant.

7. Efficiency

Work faster and more professionally with just one tool.

Spray devices apply the paint much faster than brush and roller. For starters, there is no need to prime the edges and corners with the brush - the paint is applied in a single work step.

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