Universal Sprayer W 575 FLEXiO

  • FLEXiO technology: Complete paint coverage with a single coat for all standard paint without needing to dilute
  • Detachable gun to quickly and easily change attachment, the paint, refill or clean the gun
  • The adjustable paint jet can perfectly match the object being painted
  • Variable paint flow for precision painting
  • Patented I-SPRAY nozzle for extra-fine atomization even with high-viscosity thick paints

Article number239 7237
Project sizesmall - large
Performance15m² in 6 min.
Product featuresspray attachment for laquers and varnishes, 2-stage air volume regulation
Paint volumecontinuously adjustable, 0 - 500 ml/min
Atomisation power200 W
Power consumption630 W
Max. viscositycan handle all conventional materials (without thinning on smooth surfaces and for particularly high viscosity, thick materials thin by 10%)
Tank capacity1300 ml for wall paints, 800 ml for laquers & varnishes
Quality seal
Manual W 575 FLEXiO

Manual W 575 FLEXiO