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You would like to let something that has come into the years shine in new splendour or want to create something completely new? WAGNER provides you with practical instructions for renovating, beautifying and do-it-yourself. Whether beginner or professional do-it-yourselfer - be part of the "Do it yourself" trend, turn old things into new ones and bring colour into your home. Doing it yourself not only saves money but is also a lot of fun.

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Every project - no matter how small - is preceded by good preparation. Our WAGNER experts have therefore created easy to understand guidelines for you. Illustrated step by step and with the help of pictures, your project will also succeed quite simply. You can conveniently download a detailed list of materials and a sketch of the construction plan. Let yourself be inspired for your own projects. You have the ideas and we provide you with the necessary know-how.

Interior | Furniture | Decoration

Turning a wooden sled into a home-made shelf

How can I build a wooden shelving unit myself in just a few steps? Eva shows how an old wooden sled becomes a trendy piece of hall furniture.

Furniture | Interior

Living room in vintage style

Creative coach Patricia shows us how to design a living room that is not only cosy but also in the trendy vintage style.

Garden | Leisure

Painting a garden shed

Sari and Christian from the blog Saris Garage show how simple and above all quick it is to paint a summerhouse using an airless paint spray system.

Finish - the magazine

Creative ideas for DIY

DIY is more popular than ever as an expression of individuality and creativity. Be inspired by us and develop your own creativity. You can put your own ideas into practice or use our guides as an aid. We give you tips on how you can paint or renovate your home, protect and care for your favourite wooden furniture and fittings, or easily redecorate your entire home. Breathe new life into your own four walls with FINISH, the magazine for DIY enthusiasts.

Here you can find the past issues of Finish Magazine

Finish Spring/Summer 2019

Colour gradient: Creating your own wall designs, Building garden furniture yourself, Re-varnishing a dining table

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Finish Autumn/Winter 2018

Painting and decorating a bedroom, Spraying textile paint, Wallpaper removal made easy.

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Finish Spring/Summer 2018

Attractive new look for a patio, Painting and decorating a dining room, How to make a sun lounger, Upcycling ideas.

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Finish Autumn/Winter 2017

Winter vases, Autumn decorations in vintage style, Coffee tables from car tyres, Wooden terrace.

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Finish Spring/Summer 2017

Oasis in your garden, decorating a nursery and upcycling a bicycle.

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Finish Autumn/Winter 2016

Wreaths with a new look, new ambiance for the home, wintery design tips and homemade gift ideas.

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Finish Summer 2016

Upgrade the look of your walls, summer freshness for your home, wood care made easy and football special.

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