SikaBau - Mobile pulling of joint seals on the construction site

Applying joint seals to civil engineering projects such as roads, traffic islands or rail networks is a complex process. Together with Reinhardt-Technik, the Swiss company SikaBau has developed a mobile solution that delivers fast, precise and economical results.

At a glance

  • SikaBau was looking for a dosing solution for an accelerated, self-levelling, elastic floor joint sealant for applications in the traffic sector.
  • Application of the Visco Star 20 Plus dosing unit which is specially designed for the economical processing of single-component polyurethane.
  • Where previously the components had been prepared and mixed manually, the new dosing unit now doses with measurably better performance and higher processing accuracy, while also saving material and energy.

Customer challenge

Joint seals are drawn manually with cartridge guns on construction sites. What can be carried out without any problems in the interior construction is a great time-consuming process in road construction due to the quantities involved. SikaBau was looking for a dosing solution that could apply large quantities of Sikaflex precisely and continuously on the construction site. For this purpose an automatic dosing unit was to be used on a vehicle. In addition to mobility, the mixing unit also had to mix the new floor joint sealant perfectly.

Our solution

The solution to these requirements was found at Reinhardt-Technik with the Visco Star 20 Plus dosing unit, which is specially designed for the economical processing of single-component polyurethane. Reinhardt-Technik developed the PLUS technology to handle short production processes with fast-curing adhesives. This technology mixes 1-3 % air humidity with the base component with the aid of an accelerator paste. The result is a significantly shorter cycle time. Since Sikaflex-406 Pavement also cures very quickly, the Visco Star 20 Plus system was the optimal solution for SikaBau.


Sika is one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality sealants and joint seals used in all areas of the construction industry. SikaBau is a specialist company of the Sika Group and offers construction services throughout Switzerland in the areas of waterproofing, building protection, building repair and building restoration in the building, underground and underground construction sectors.

Serge Heyer


Reinhardt-Technik was the only manufacturer to offer pump technology that met our requirements. Thanks to the unit, which has been technically adapted exactly to our requirements, we can use the dosing system as a mobile unit. In this way, longer sections can be sealed conveniently, with consistent quality and in a material-saving manner.

Serge Heyer

Branch Manager at SikaBau

More information

Visco Star 20 Plus

Visco Star 20 Plus

The Visco Star series was specially designed for economic processing of single component polyurethane. Main focus is clearly set on a user friendly operation. While the machine provides high and variable output performance, it convinces with its remarkable low energy consumption.

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Your contact person

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