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The world's largest XXXL chair: Painted with WAGNER system

The red chairs representing the XXXL furniture stores are familiar to many – the world's largest chair, measuring 30 meters, is located in St. Florian near Linz. Yet how is such a chair actually painted? With a liquid coating system by WAGNER, of course!

Those requiring a challenging wooden construction should turn to Wiehag GmbH in Altheim (Upper Austria) for assistance. The company specializes in wide-span supporting systems, complete roofs and roof, ceiling and wall elements, and produced, for example, the wooden roof construction on the new London Crossrail train station in Canary Wharf. It is not therefore surprising that the furniture store chain XXXLutz became aware of Wiehag when they decided to produce red XXXL chairs for advertising purposes.

The furniture store chain wanted to build the largest chair in the world, and that is exactly what they got: It stands 30 meters high in St. Florian near Linz, and has even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. "The biggest challenge was the selection of the wood quality and the coating", reports Manfred Haimerl, Plant Manager at Wiehag. The wood finally decided on was 70 cubic meters of glued laminated timber made of Douglas fir. The chair was coated using 140 liters of highly weatherproof paint and the WAGNER high-pressure piston pump Puma 28-40 airless spraypack with high-pressure filter and suction system as well as a WAGNER airless gun AG 14. This system is extremely compact and particularly suitable for an especially wide range of applications. The result was a durable coating which was able to withstand the weather conditions for a long period of time. 

"Our philosophy is to find the right solution for a customer's challenge. We experienced the same approach at WAGNER", explains Manfred Haimerl. This was also confirmed by Karl Rappersberger, Sales Technician at WAGNER: "Wiehag was searching for a system using which it was possible to efficiently coat large and long wooden parts inside the hall. Based on our experience, we were able to put a system together, and carried out a test coating at the customer site. The result convinced Wiehag." 

The Puma 28-40 airless spraypack is made of stainless steel and is able to process both solvents and water-based paints in airless or AirCoat procedures. In addition, they can be started, operated and refilled with ease. Rinsing and cleaning can also be carried out quickly: The design is dimensioned so that there is almost no clearance volume inside the pump - which also saves on cleaning agent. Parts which require intensive cleaning such as the inlet valve can quickly be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. A true all-round system with which every painter can familiarize themselves quickly! In the meantime, Wiehag has three systems by WAGNER in operation. At present, the system No. 1 is being used again for the liquid coating of an XXXL chair for the furniture store in Kapfenberg (Styria), but this chair "only" has a height of 20 meters. Delivery is planned for May 2015.


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