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High end painting for high-use lifting platforms

Herkules Hebetechnik GmbH has been known for 40 years for its blue and yellow lifting platforms. Workshop equipment, which is often very heavily used, must have a perfect surface coating. This is why Herkules relies on WAGNER painting equipment.

Any supplier wanting to convince vehicle sales outlets, technical inspection organizations, and auto repair shops of the quality of its workshop equipment must manufacture products that are robust in every respect. Modern workshops that insist on a clean, attractive appearance do not accept steel structures that rust after just a few years. But the dirt and salt water from vehicles supported by the platforms present a tough challenge to the surface coating.

Therefore, the company places a lot of value on the mechanical and chemical resistance of the painted surfaces. That's why the specifications for the new painting system put quality and efficiency first, followed by eco-friendliness and reliable service. That's why the Kassel workshop equipment supplier now uses a modern WAGNER painting booth provided by the long-time WAGNER sales and service partner WMO Oberflächentechnik GmbH in Welver.

The system feeds two painting workstations, where 100 different steel and aluminum parts are coated with one or two coats of special paint. Small and medium-sized parts pass through the booth suspended from a rail system. Right alongside is an area for painting large parts, which are fed in manually.

The electronically-controlled WAGNER FlexControl Smart mixing and dosing system is the heart of the system. It combines high efficiency with good environmental compatibility. By tailoring the special Teknos Deutschland paint to the GM 5000 EAC electrostatic spray guns being used, better edge coating can be achieved with less overspray even on parts with difficult geometries. Welcome side effects are reduced booth cleaning and maintenance work. "We use the WAGNER system to coat all our parts. The high coating quality is an important quality factor for our products. At the same time, painters are happy with the system because it is so easy to use. We are totally satisfied", says Sebastián Pérez-Furest, Head of Production at Herkules Hebetechnik.

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