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    The WAGNER Industry Journal keeps everyone who‘s interested in the industry up-to-date.

Complex heat spray system with simple operation

Installation in just one week: The paint finishing system, which comprises various components from companies in the WAGNER Group, during the exterior finish of a tank by Hydrolift.

Why the Belgian tank manufacturer Hydrolift chose two protective coating systems with WAGNER Group components

Hydrolift, established in Bree, Belgium, specializes in the manufacture of steel and stainless steel tanks. Their products range from above-ground and underground storage tanks to pressure and process vessels to silos. Hydrolift's clients use the tanks, weighing up to 70 tons, in a wide variety of sectors, including oil, chemicals, water, and food. Such sensitive contents and the often harsh environmental conditions present special challenges for the tanks' interior and exterior finishes. When the prior paint finishing systems needed replacement, Hydrolift therefore opted for a solution by WAGNER Group. Compared to the competition, WAGNER stood out by proposing a simple and dependable operation with close support through its local commercial partner as well as quick installation. 

One-stop solution

Designing the system started from the solvent-free two-component lacquers with which Hydrolift had been working and accumulated plenty of experience: Sika® Permacor®-2807 HS A for the interior and Sika® Permacor®-2108 HS Rapid for the exterior. Both lacquers flow only at 40 °C (104 °F) or above and must be processed at a temperature of exactly 60 °C (140 °F) to achieve an optimal surface. Their processing times are five and two minutes, respectively. With that in mind, Johannes Bex, Sales Manager at WSB Finishing Equipment, WAGNER's authorized commercial partner in Belgium, presented two complex yet easy to operate hot spray systems to Hydrolift. Their components come not only from J. Wagner GmbH but also from the WAGNER subsidiaries Reinhardt Technik, WAGNER Colora, and Walther Pilot. "By drawing all the competencies from the WAGNER Group, we could propose the optimal one-stop system to Hydrolift. This was a key benefit for the client," says Johannes Bex.

Complex system, simple operation
The components for the exterior finish are delivered in 1000-liter IBC containers and warmed to 40 °C in a heating chamber. From there, they run into two color mixing tanks from Walther Pilot with a capacity of 80 liters for the A component and 40 liters for the B component. The WAGNER Colora pump ZIP80 pumps 50 °C water (122 °F) into the tanks' double wall and around the paint hoses to further warm the component and maintain their temperature. A laser measures the fill level. 

For the lacquer process, stock lacquer and hardening agents are pumped to the automatic mixing and dosing system TwinControl 72-300/150, warmed to 60 °C (140 °F) via the integrated flow heaters, and mixed together with the mixing ratio provided. The TwinControl is equipped with the AIS (Adaptive Injection System) dosing system, which controls the injection of the B component fully automatically. A heated hose then transports the mixture, which is homogenized again in a second static mixer. A manual airless spray gun PROTEC GM1-530 is used in this application. It is suitable for a pressure of up to 530 bar and its isolated handle also makes it fit for use with heated material. To automatically fill and rinse the spray gun, WAGNER Colora adapted its existing gun rinsing device to the PROTEC GM1-530 specifically for Hydrolift.

The system for the tank's internal coating is almost the identical, except in this case the components are delivered in 200-liter vats and pumped into the color mixing tank by Reinhardt Technik's RT-Feeder 200. "Because of the high demands, the format for both systems is relatively complex. Yet the TwinControl operation is very simple: start, stop, rinse – then it's all done," explains Johannes Bex.

Installation in less than a week
Besides the simple operation, a key factor for Hydrolift was the quick, smooth installation. The company scheduled only a week to dismantle the former equipment and set up the new systems. "To achieve that, we first set up and tested the systems in our technical center in Wolvertem," reports Johannes Bex. "Then we dismantled everything and transported it all to Hydrolift. Thanks to that preparation, we could conduct the first coating tests as early as the second day and adhere to the one-week timeline for the renovation." WSB Finishing Equipment's guidance also impressed Pierre Schuurmans, Production Manager at Hydrolift: "I did not think we could be working efficiently with the systems after just one week. The WSB team did an outstanding job. Even a competitor, who inspected the installation shortly after its completion, confirmed it for us." Moreover, he acknowledged the recommendation of the paint manufacturer Sika influenced the decision. "They hold WAGNER equipment in great esteem there. Now I can add: with good reason! We would choose the WSB solution with WAGNER Group components again."

WAGNER's commercial partner WSB Finishing Equipment assembled a very similar system for the Hydrolift tanks' interior finish. But the components are in this case delivered in 200-liter vats, and the heated material is then pumped into the color mixing tank by two RT-Feeder 200's from Reinhardt Technik.

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