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Our market segments for industrial applications

Whether for applications in the segments wood, automotive, infrastructure, agriculture and construction machinery, transport or domestic appliances: The WAGNER GROUP, with its WAGNER, Walther Pilot, Reinhardt Technik and C.A. Technologies brands, provides perfectly aligned products and solutions for optimizing your entire coating and bonding processes. We offer a complete range of technologies to fit the material you use – liquid and powder coatings, adhesives or other fluid media.

Here you find an overview on the different technologies of the WAGNER Group and the market segments for which our products can be applied.

  • Application of both multi-layer systems, as well as very thin and thick layers of paint possible

  • Coating of all surfaces and geometries with and without the use of electrostatics

  • Large range of possible colours and effects, e.g. piano laquer surfaces, metallic, “flip flop”, soft touch coatings

  • Variety of coating material, such as 2-K paint, UV paint, water-based paints, sol-gel

  • Time savings as different materials can be coated in only one operation
  • High profitability by recovery of up to 99% of overspray

  • Environmentally-friendly due to the omission of solvents and diluents

  • High durability of the painted surface, e.g. against UV radiation and mechanical stress

  • Ideal coating of all electrically conductive metals – in addition, it’s also possible to coat other material, e.g. plastics, MDF or glass by electrostatic charge

  • Little processing time as coated workpieces can be loaded directly after cooling

  • Little cleaning effort
  • Innovative solutions help to save material, increase productivity and enhance sustainability

  • Robust 1K and 2K processing equipment for reliable operation in demanding production environments

  • Easy handling due to operator friendly and ergonomic design

  • Optimized design and functionally based on close cooperation with material manufacturers

  • Standardized product portfolio provides on the spot service and spare parts availability


WAGNER offers coating solutions for bridges, containers, pipelines, wind and solar energy plants, amongst others.

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Processing workpieces made of wood makes special demands. WAGNER supports you in finding the ideal solution for your application.

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Our products can be applied for various automotive parts, such as interior and exterior plastic and metal components, alloy and steel rims, or decorative parts.

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Besides the visual aspect, the surfaces of domestic appliance parts must fulfil the highest requirements in terms of quality and safety.

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