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Industry products - Liquid application



Whether lacquers, stains, separating agents, primers, adhesives and chemicals, whether they have a high or low viscosity, are watery or have a high solids content – the right pump for every material and every application. 
Extremely reliable, user-friendly, easy to service piston pumps up to 360 bar for finishing applications in Airspray and AirCoat technology. 
The only high-pressure pump without packing. Optimal for sensitive or reactive materials, such as UV lacquers or PU hardening agents. Cobra works with virtually no pulsation and only needs minimum amounts of solvent for rinsing.
Extremely reliable, user-friendly, easy to service piston pumps up to 530 bar for Airless applications in heavy-duty corrosion protection (Protective Coating). 
The Finishing low-pressure diaphragm pumps are reliable, powerful and highly suitable for use with both automatic and manual spray guns. For working with water and solvent-based materials as well as abrasive and metallic lacquers.
IceBreaker low-pressure piston pumps for reliable and low maintenance paint supply and circulation systems. The powerful air motors also work in continuous operation without icing up at all.
The ZIP low-pressure double diaphragm pumps are particularly suitable for material transport and circulation systems. 
Continuous material supply to Airspray guns without having to continuously refill the beaker. Ideal for large surface area coatings. The pressurized containers supply the material without any pulsation at all.