Automatic electrostatic gun GA 5000 EA

Low-pressure gun for solvent-based paints

With the automatic electrostatic gun GA 5000 EA, up to 50% material and 20% coating time can be saved. Furthermore it also offers wide-ranging opportunities in terms of ideal application control in combination with the control unit EPG 5000

  • High application efficiency through soft spray jet

  • High coating quality through fine atomization

  • Even curves and inaccessible locations can be coated with high quality

  • Short maintenance times thanks to easy assembly & disassembly

  • Manual or automatic control via external interface



Output voltage80 KV
Output current100 µA
Atomizing pressure max8 bar
Material pressure max8 bar
Length268 mm
Width74 mm
Height135 mm
Material connectionG 1/4"
Atomizing air connectionD10
Forming air connectionD8
Control air connectionD6
Weight(without pump)1,2 kg
Operating temperature0°C - 40°C
Max. material temperature50°C
Press release|GA5000 EPG5000 (ENG)

Press release|GA5000 EPG5000 (ENG)

Product Data Sheet|GA 5000 (ENG)

Product Data Sheet|GA 5000 (ENG)

Print ROI
ROI - Calculation for AquaCoat Applications
ROI - Calculation for AquaCoat Applications
ExampleYour calculation 1Your calculation 2
Cost (price per liter)3
Consumption (liter per day)X30liter
Time (days per month)X15days
Saving potential
TechnologyExampleYour calculation 1Your calculation 2
fromtoup to
Airspray (conventional)GM 5000EA65%
Airless (conventional)GM 5000EAC65%
AirCoat (conventional)GM 5000EAC50%
selected valueX40%X % %
Material Savings
Monthly in €=540
Yearly in €=6480
Production improvemets
working hours per year (average usage of Aquacoat system per year)800h
performance improvements in % (how much working time can be saved)X20% % %
labour cost per hour in € (labor cost in €)X20
Savings on Cleaning for release agent
Regular cleaning actions per year (e.g. 40 time per year)40
Savings on one time cleaning actionsX25% % %
Cost per cleaning action in € (cost for cleaning incl. Dry ice, work force)X1000
Total savings=19 680
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The performance and transfer efficiency depends on the paint, work piece and application conditions.