PXE powder center

The benchmark for powder supply with the best price-performance ratio

The WAGNER PXE solution provides complete control of all the different components in one central unit: Powder center, moving devices, application, booth & filter. The WAGNER PXE powder center fulfills all requirements for the powder supply of an automatic coating system.
PXE comes either as standard version or as a modular powder center version with integrated vibrating and fluidizing unit to feed directly from the powder box.

  • Intuitive handling: The 7" all-in-one color touch display allows the whole system to be operated from one central control unit.

  • Flexible powder feeding: Powder supply directly from the powder box or WAGNER fluidized hopper, depending on customer requirements.

  • Increased productivity: Powder supply of up to 22 guns from WAGNER fluidized hopper or up to 20 guns directly from the box.

ConfigurationPXE (Standard version) / (Maximum version)
Max. injectors22 / 20
Injector typePI-F1 - HiCoat ED / PI-F1 - HiCoatED
PXE with lightnot available / Standard
Control unit7" color touch display / 7" color touch display
Scope of controlTotal system control (application, powder center, moving devices, booth, filter) / Total system control (application, powder center, moving devices, booth, filter)
WAGNER powder hopperFluidized / Fluidized & vibrated
Feeding directly from the boxnot available / standard
Fresh powder dosageManual refill of powder / Manual refill of powder
Maximum powder amount30 kg / 30 kg contrainer or carton size (<30 kg)
Sieve integrationnot available / not available
Powder level controlStandard / Standard
FilterFinal Filter (FF) / Final Filter (FF) or Integrated Filter (IF)
Footprint 1,24m² / 1,24m² or 2,24m²
Product Data Sheet|PXE (ENG)

Product Data Sheet|PXE (ENG)