Zip Eco Perfect Flow

Low-pressure diaphragm pump

Double diaphragm pump for AirSpray applications. Cost effective entrylevel model without material pressure regulator. Nevertheless, offers low-pulsation thanks to large material filter. For pressures up to 8 bar and one gun.



Operating pressure8 bar, 116 PSI
Volumetric flow per double stroke65 cm³/DS, 3,97 in³/DH
Volumetric flow with free drainage28 l/min, 7.4Gpm
Particle size2 mm, 0.08 in
Air inlet pressure1,0 – 8,0 bar, 15 – 116 PSI
Material temperature4 - 90 °C, 39.2 - 194.0 °F
Weight7,9 kg, 17.4 lb
Broschüre ZIP-Finishing AME

Broschüre ZIP-Finishing AME