FAQs: Steamers

Does the wallpaper steamer have to be descaled after each time it is used?

It is not normally necessary to descale the wallpaper steamer after each use. We recommend descaling the unit after each 10 to 15 times it is filled . However, the frequency at which descaling is necessary is highly dependent on the hardness of the water.

What is the easiest way to descale my wallpaper steamer?

You can use ordinary household vinegar to descale your wallpaper steamer. To do this, use a one-to-one mix of vinegar and water. Fill the descaling solution directly into the water tank. Use approximately 2.0 to 2.5 litres (DTS 5800! 4.0 l). Switch on the wallpaper steamer for 10 minutes and then switch off again. Disconnect the mains plug. Leave the descaling solution to act for approximately 30 minutes more and then empty completely. Rinse the unit thoroughly two or three times with clean water in order to remove any remaining descaling solution.
If you use any other descaling solution, please observe the manufacturer's instructions.

Can I use my wallpaper steamer as a replacement steam cleaner?

Yes, the non-pressurized steam is just as effective as a conventional pressurized steam cleaner and sometimes even more efficient because the steam does not cool as quickly after application as with a pressurized steamer.

Do I need any other equipment for the wallpaper steamer?

You do not normally need any other equipment. If there are several layers or if the wallpaper is difficult to remove (coated or waxed wallpaper), it is also advisable to use a scraper.

Is it helpful to make incisions in the wallpaper or to puncture it?

If there are several layers of wallpaper then this is definitely helpful. The steamer is usually able to get through the first two layers. If there are more than two layers then it is advisable to make incisions or to use a perforation roller. For example, you can use the Wagner perforation roller.

How can I test whether my wallpaper will be easy or difficult to remove?

If the wallpaper turns a dark colour after being wetted then this is a good sigh and the wallpaper will come off easily.

How great is the danger that I will scald myself and how can I protect myself?

The water that is filled into the steamer is heated to boiling point and the steam that is released can scald the skin! Never let the steam plate touch the skin. Wear protective gloves.

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