FAQs: Roller painting

What paints can I use?

Rollers are ideal for the application of water-based paints such as emulsions, latex paints or internal wall paints, water-based primers, enamels, oils, wood preservative and stains. They are also suitable for external walls.

How can I stop the roller coming loose from the holder?

Always paint vertically or horizontally. If you veer off to the left or right then the roller may come loose from the roller frame. This does not happen if you paint uniformly vertically or horizontally.

What do I have to remember when cleaning the DecoRoll series adapter?

First of all, remove the perlator. After attaching the adapter, make sure that it is tightly connected to the tap. Do not turn the tap on full straight away. While the water is running, occasionally pull the trigger and squeeze the roller.

When must I change the roller and how should I clean it?

The roller should be replaced after it has been used 2 or 3 times to maintain a high quality finish. After each use, simply clean the roller with hot, soapy water. You can obtain replacement rollers in any well-stocked DIY or building supplies store or simply order from us. You will find an overview of the available replacement rollers on our website.

What could be the reason why paint is leaking from the fill hole?

Check whether the seal is incorrectly fitted or damaged. Only ever remove this for cleaning.

What must I remember when working overhead?

Try to apply the roller evenly without veering off to the left or right as this might cause the roller to come loose. Do not feed too much paint into the roller.

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