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Coating of snow plows with IceBreaker pumps

When it comes to the manual coating of commercial vehicles, the quality of the coating results from the skill of the personnel and the quality of the equipment – pictured here is the coating of a snow plow at Springer Kommunaltechnik.

Snow packed full with grit, ice, and aggressive de-icing salt – during winter road maintenance, the coating must withstand a great deal. Springer Kommunaltechnik therefore relies on two factors for success: skilled personnel and WAGNER coating systems.

Whether on gritters, snow plows, snow blowers, road sweepers, or water jet systems, a robust surface finish is crucial for Springer Kommunaltechnik products. Robert Lassnig, foreman at Springer, aptly summarizes the demanding requirements: "The coating of the products plays a key role. Firstly, a superior finish reflects the quality of the products at a glance. Secondly, the quality of the coating has a direct influence on lifetime, especially in the case of equipment which is used in harsh winter conditions." 

High quality coating for commercial vehicles

The product range of the largest Austrian manufacturer of gritters is characterized by small batch sizes, which is why all painting is done manually. The result depends crucially on the skill of the personnel and the quality of the coating equipment used. Consequently, only highly qualified staff work in the paint shop. Springer relies on WAGNER pumps, spray guns, and mixing and dosing systems for both paint shops.

Optimal equipment for the coating of gritters, snow plows, snow blowers, road sweepers or water jet systems: There are six IceBreaker pumps in addition to two mixing and dosing systems from the "FlexControl plus" series in the Springer Kommunaltechnik color room.

"We have always used Wagner pumps, and are very happy with them, as well as with the guns and dosing systems. We naturally shopped around before renewing our equipment. But we decided to opt for WAGNER again – in this case for the technically superior IceBreaker pumps, because of their extreme reliability and durability. The smooth operation of the pumps also ensures excellent coating results," says Robert Lassnig. 

A total of six IceBreaker pumps and two mixing and dosing systems from the "FlexControl plus" series are installed at Springer, supplying both paint shops with primer and top coat. The undercoat for municipal equipment, which tends to get a lot of wear and tear, consists of a two-component epoxy resin filler, while the finish coat consists of two-component acrylic paint. At present, Springer sees no real alterative to solvent-based paints due to their quick-drying properties and their high resilience. Should they decide to change in the medium term, however, it wouldn't be a problem for the system technology. "We can use both the pumps and dosing systems for virtually any material up to four-component systems," explains Robert Lassnig. "The WAGNER systems have put us in a good position, even if we switch to different paints in future."

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