Spray guns

Please never use a spray gun at a higher operating pressure than specified on the gun. Please never touch the spray jet – as there is a danger of injury. Never point the gun at yourself or other people.

Correct pressure

The pressure gauge not only allows you to see the exact pressure. It is also there for your safety! At a glance you can check what pressure your Airless system is currently working at.

Protective equipment

For your own safety, you should always wear protective equipment consisting of breathing protection, protective goggles and gloves. You will find suitable protective goggles designed to allow you to work with spray units in our product range.

Have the right reflexes

Before working with the unit, when you interrupt your work and whenever a malfunction occurs, you should

  1. Disconnect the power and compressed air supply
  2. Depressurise the spray gun and unit
  3. Secure the spray gun against activation.
  4. In the event of a malfunction, correct the problem as described in the "Troubleshooting" section

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