Reasons to think about spraying

Computers and mobile telephones have now become part of the standard equipment for any modern trades person. However, when it comes to the actual "core competence" of painting surfaces (lacquer, emulsion, fabric adhesive, external paint), many people remain firmly attached to traditional hand rollers and paint brushes. Yet modern machine technology offers considerable improvements for productivity and the quality of the finish.

How often have you carried 12.5 litre containers to a work site, thinned and stirred the paint, dipped a paint brush into the container and then wiped off the excess paint? It is only after all these steps that you can actually start to apply paint to the walls. Working with a paint delivery pump that draws paint at the touch of a button makes it directly available to the supplied roller or spray gun.

Using machine technology speeds up your work and reduces mess on the construction site whilst offering you - quite simply - an opportunity to increase your profits and growth.

Choose from our wide range of systems and accessories, ideally suited for work on new or old structures, indoors or out and large or small construction sites. You're sure to find the right product for your needs.

Impress customers and boost your efficiency

Spraying technology helps you to achieve significantly larger volumes of work with consistent paint application quality. But that's not all. The increased productivity achieved thanks to the machine technology leaves you extra time for to work with your customer, to support them throughout the project. As well as the benefits to be gained from efficient working processes, the customer will be impressed by modern and safe working practices, clean transportation of materials to and on the site and the professional image. Machine technology therefore makes you competitive and also opens up new business opportunities.

Highest quality

What's more, WAGNER spraying technology always meets the very highest quality standards. It brings you consistent quality and uniform application of paint from start to finish. Allowing you to quickly convince your customers that spraying was the correct choice. In addition in many cases the use of a hand roller can be justified, however when it comes to tackling areas of 150 m² or more it is simply not cost-effective or a good use of labour.

Get excited about technology. You've tried the smartphone, now try WAGNER's smart device technology!

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