WAGNER original

WAGNER original – accessories: For functionality, safety and service life, you should only use WAGNER original accessories. These have undergone a series of tests to ensure their quality and safety and are precisely adapted to the overall functioning and capacities of the various units.


EasyGlide forms a protective film around cylinders, piston rods and casings and protects the units against premature wear. EasyClean thoroughly cleans all wetted parts and simultaneously provides protection against corrosion.

Pole guns

A pole gun allows you to extend your working radius and in some cases, do without scaffolding and ladders.

Hose reels

With a WAGNER hose reel, the material hose is always kept tidily out of the way.

Handling fillers

Handling fillers: Combining a large-volume container with a HeavyCoat unit gives you the perfect filler system for handling Airless spraying fillers. Thanks to the large-volume container (with a capacity up to 100 litres), it is possible to apply fillers to large areas without any need to refill!

TipClick holder

The right place for your nozzle! The TipClick holder can be attached to all Airless guns quickly and easily and provides space for two TradeTip 3 nozzles. This prevents the nozzles from drying out and keeps them handy at all times!

Gun filter

Gun filters prevent nozzle blockages They also filter the paint before it is applied and thus help you achieve a perfect finish. Range of versions available – optimally adapted for each material.

Air caps

Range of air caps for AirCoat AC 4600 P guns: Choose between three air caps and adapt your gun optimally for use with water-based or solvent-based materials.

  • Blue for water-based materials
  • Red for solvent-based materials
  • Green for water-based and solvent-based materials. Because the air cap has only a low air requirement, it is also possible to use a small compressors



The 5-litre hopper is the perfect way to handle small volumes. The easy-to-clean hopper design means that you can change colour quickly and easily whenever you want.

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