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Black & White - SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Farbe & WAGNER paint sprayers

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Cool grey

New black

Cosy white

Urban grey

A perennial symbol of classical beauty, elegance and style in fashion has now also found its way into the world of interior design: Black & White. In the past, dark tones were rarely used on living room walls for fear of creating a sterile and oppressive – even cold and spartan – feel. Today, however, this clean and stylish trend is being deliberately used to create an architectural, chic and trendy ambience. Where bright colours tend to be subject to fluctuating trends and are always a matter of taste, black and white and the intermediate tones of the grey scale are always “en vogue”. Female, male, modern, minimalist, opulent – black, white and grey embody them all.
The anniversary trend colours in the Black & White Edition from SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Farbe let you stylishly bring out precisely these attributes in and around your own four walls: New Black – quiet, cosy and festive. Urban Grey – exuberant, friendly and deeply relaxing. Cool Grey – purist, personal and casual. Cosy White – relaxing, tidy and atmospheric In combination with the paint sprayers from WAGNER you can achieve optimum results and great moods quickly, cleanly and safely.

WAGNER helps out in the fight against the coronavirus

WAGNER helps out in the fight against the coronavirus