Painting a large-scale football stadium

Paint 3000m² of walls in 2 days - this is only possible with machine technology. With the help of SuperFinish 23 Plus from Wagner!

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With almost all projects in the painting trade there is a shortage of time - as one of the last trades on the building site you often have to make up for any lost time from your colleagues - the client finally wants to go back to his apartment or house. There is even more time pressure if the job is a public building or similar. This must be available again for a wide range of people as quickly as possible.

This is also the case every year in the Bundesliga club FC St football stadium. Pauli, as host of the art festival "Millerntorgallery", which is organized by the non-profit association Viva con Agua, the walls of the stadium become an art gallery. A multitude of street art, artists enliven the concrete with colourful graffiti. In order for these works of art to be created again and again, everything has to be completely whitewashed every year. The volunteers and professional painters have only one weekend to do this, and that is for the entire stadium! An impossible task, if there were no spraying technology!

With two of our diaphragm pumps an area of approx. 3000m² was sprayed white. The extremely good covering power of airless spraying is particularly evident in the case of colourfully painted surfaces, such as the graffiti in our example on the walls from the previous year. Besides a high-quality material, the type of application is the decisive factor for the coverage. Since the application with an airless spraying device works without contact, i.e. there is no contact between the surface to be coated and the application tool, all the material reaches the wall. Rollers and brushes remove a part of the applied material with every movement, which creates the familiar brush and roller marks. In contrast to this, a completely paint coverage is achieved with only one application of paint with the two paint sprayers.

Do you have a major project coming up soon? Then you should definitely use an airless sprayer.

The SuperFinish 23 Plus is a low-maintenance diaphragm pump. It is extremely robust and ideally equipped for daily use on the construction site. At just 29 kg it is the absolute lightweight in its class. So nothing stands in the way of easy transport to and from the construction site. It can also be conveniently moved on site using the wheels - which is easy on your back!

Big exterior facade - ready in no time!

Big exterior facade - ready in no time!

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