Waterproofing a tunnel ceiling - an extraordinary large-scale project for coating a tunnel

The renovation of bridges and tunnels always poses great challenges for all parties involved. Yet it is essential to maintain and repair infrastructure time and again by applying a new protective coating. After all, tunnels etc are not only exposed to weathering but also to emissions, which leads to massive stress on the coating and to corrosive damage.

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With the powerful piston pumps from WAGNER such a tunnel renovation project in Sweden could be implemented within a very short time period. The specifications were tight:

The project: The Fredhäll tunnel - part of the main traffic artery through the Swedish capital Stockholm

The time frame: The team had three nights to apply the new protective coating

The restriction: it was not possible to close the tunnel tube completely. The traffic authorities ordered that the tunnel had to be opened to traffic every 15 minutes. Spraying also had to be stopped a few minutes earlier, which made the whole task even more difficult. Such conditions do not occur every day. But these are exactly the challenges we like to face, which is why we fought for this exciting tunnel project and won over the competition.

Only with very good planning, the use of machine technology and a perfectly coordinated team supported by Pump Partner could the new tunnel coating succeed under these circumstances. Waterproofing from Sika and two HeavyCoat spraying machines from WAGNER - HeavyCoat 750 and HeavyCoat 950 - were used. These power packs with hydraulic pump technology offer the perfect solution for particularly robust and even surfaces - these are essential equipment for coating infrastructure projects, which protected them for the the long term.

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