Building a garden lounger
Building a garden lounger

This particularly chic and ergonomic garden lounger is guaranteed to make your neighbours jealous — it's time to relax and give your senses a treat!

Furniture / Garden & Recreation Building a garden lounger


Instructions for building a garden lounger

1Acquire the materials

Refer to the material list for the materials and dimensions. It's easier to have the wooden parts cut to size in a DIY store. Alternatively, use a saw or hand-held circular saw and a guide.


Before the components get a coat of paint, the wood needs to be lightly sanded. Afterwards, use a dust-free microfibre cloth to ensure the surface is free from dust and dirt.

3Building the frame

Screw the cross struts to the side walls so that the frame can stand up. Then ensure the individual slats are spaced at an equal distance.

Our tip: place a spare piece of wood between the planks, so that the distance remains constant. Then simply staple the slats together with a strap to prevent them from moving when tightened.

4Assembling the reclining surface

Place the reclining surface on the frame and screw it to the side walls.

5Preparing the spray unit

The spray unit is ready for use in just a few steps. Fill the paint container up to 3/4 full with paint and dilute it following the manufacturer’s instructions. To do this, use the included stirring stick – each notch corresponds to a 10% dilution. The suction pipe can be aligned depending on how you are going to work – forwards when spraying objects overhead and backwards when spraying downwards. The spray jet can also be adjusted in three directions – horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Carry out a test spray to find the right settings for you.

6The spraying process

Start with the corners, edges and angles and then spray the surfaces.  From the outside, spray over the slats at a uniform distance. Only change the direction of spray outside the slats. This avoids a build-up of thicker layers of paint during direction changes.

Our tip: If paint is applied too thickly, drips can form, so it's better to spray two thin coats rather than one thick coat. After spraying, allow the paint to dry in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.


Clean the spray attachment thoroughly with water or solvent after use. To do so, unscrew all parts and clean them in the water basin by hand or with a sponge.

The result

List of materials

ItemPcs.DescriptionDimensions in mmComment
12Side walls1930 x 420 x 40
22Cross struts475 x 175 x 25
320Slats700 x 70 x 20
42Straps1930 x 40
58Torx screws8 x 10For attaching the cross struts to the side walls
640Torx screws5 x 40For fixing the reclining surface to the base frame
71if necessary, use a circular or handsaw
81Cordless screwdriver
91120 sandpaper
101Micro-fibre cloth
111Masking tape
121Coloured paint
131WAGNER paint sprayer


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