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    Turn a 3 year guarantee into a 5 year WAGNER professional guarantee! Unique in this industry! Register here now! Our professional quality will convince you. And that's a promise.

Professional guarantee "3+2"

When it comes to quality, we give you our word. Benefit from a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee instead of 3. Because we are convinced of the quality of our products, we are offering you a unique guarantee extension. So register your unit here today and take advantage - a 5-year professional guarantee instead of 3!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WAGNER is launching its 3+2 year guarantee campaign!

We are offering a 3+2 year guarantee on all WAGNER Professional Finishing products purchased as of now because we are absolutely certain of our professional quality. This offer is unique in the industry and postions WAGNER's as an undisputed quality leader in the field of surface finishing technology.


1. What advantages do I have from the new 3+2 year guarantee agreement?

  • As of now, Wagner is offering a 3+2 year instead of a 2-year guarantee to cover any material, machining or performance defects in your unit. Wagner is currently the only manufacturer in the sector to offer this.
  • The normal guarantee period is now 3 years in all cases (5 years with registration) or 1 year (3 years with registration) in the case of industrial use or shift work.
  • A guarantee period of one year is offered for petrol and air motors (3 years with registration)

2 What if I've bought an F270 TempSpray unit. Do I have to register the machine, TempSpray and gun separately?

  • Yes, each registration is product-specific. You therefore have to register the pump, TempSpray and gun separately

3. What is not covered by the guarantee?

  • In general, parts which wear such as casings, seals, nozzles, valves etc. are excluded from the guarantee. (see new guarantee agreement)

4 What happens if the old and new guarantee agreements are enclosed with a unit?

  • The new guarantee agreement applies as of now and the old agreement is obsolete

5 Where or from whom can I claim the guarantee?

  • Authorised retailers
  • Wagner points of service (see Operating Instructions)

6 How can I claim under the guarantee?

  • The product in question must be sent carriage-paid or presented together with the original purchase document and the product's guarantee certificate. (Guarantee certificate are only required if the customer has registered for the guarantee extension from 3 to 5 years)

7 In what countries/regions does this guarantee extension apply?

  • Primarily for products purchased from an authorized retailer in the EU or CIS and used in the country of purchase. Other countries on request

8 Who can perform online registration?

  • The purchaser, or alternatively the retailer on behalf of the purchaser

9 What happens to my data when I register?

  • Your data is subject to strict data protection regulations and is treated confidentially
  • Your data will be disclosed only for the purposes required for the contract


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