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Experience fascinating surfaces

Furniture, walls, garden fences, construction machines, mobile phones, wheel rims, leather sofas, or perfume bottles - there is hardly any object that does not come with a coating. The reason is obvious: among others, the surface determines the function, durability and the attractiveness of an object.

WAGNER offers the complete product and technology range for the entire process sequence, starting with feeding the product, followed by mixing, moving and controlling to finishing the optimal application to the surface. Both for the application of liquid and powder lacquers, paints and other liquid media.

For any requirement, WAGNER offers you the suitable technology. And thus enables an efficient use of resources, maximum quality and profitability – for brilliant results. Whether you decide on liquid or powder coating, depends entirely on your workpieces and operational conditions. Find the right solution for your application area: 

Liquid Coating

Both multi-layer systems (primer & top coat), as well as very thin and thick layers of paint possible.  

All surfaces and geometries can be coated (wood, glass, metal, plastics, clothing, leather etc.), with and without the use of electrostatics. 

Large range of possible colours and effects, e.g. “piano laquer surfaces” (amongst others for the automotive and furniture industry), metallic, “flip flop”

Soft touch coatings, e.g. for fittings in cars

Variety of coating material, such as 2-K paint, UV paint, sol-gel; water-based paints are especially suited for automobile finishing

Different material can be coated in only one operation

Powder coating

Recovery of up to 99% of overspray possible, thus little waste and high profitability

Environmentally friendly due to the omission of solvents and diluents 

High durability of the painted surface, e.g. against UV radiation and mechanical stress – this application is ideally suited for aluminum and steel rims, agricultural and construction machinery or aluminum profiles

Ideal coating of all electrically conductive metals – in addition, it’s also possible to coat other material, e.g. plastics, MDF or glass by electrostatic charge (provided they can withstand temperatures of up to 140°C)

Coated workpieces can be loaded directly after cooling, resulting in little processing time

Little cleaning effort

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