• Endless versatility

    WAGNER heat gun for endless applications

WAGNER hot air guns

The versatile hot air gun for endless applications

Once you have a WAGNER hot air guns you will wonder how you manged without one. They are great wherever hot air is needed to complete the job: for example bending plastic pipes, heat shrink tubing, lifting vinyl tiles, removing old paint and varnish, drying fillers or thawing frozen pipes. Automotive applications include applying and removing vinyl wraps, stickers, window tinting film, emblems and restoring or reshaping bumpers. Other applications include soldering copper pipe joints, electrical equipment repair for example smartphones or tablets and fixing Playstations or X-Boxes.

Hot air guns can also be used for leisure and arts and crafts: for example waxing skis and snowboards, making candles or even for lighting a BBQ. All this makes a hot air gun the perfect tool for all the family - why not put one to the test, see the  WAGNER hot air gun range.

Paint & varnish removal

Paint & varnish removal

Paint & varnish removal


Bending Plastic Pipe

Soldering Copper Pipe

Circuit Board Repair

Crimping Wire

Wax Candle Making


Waxing Skis

Lighting BBQ

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