Great coverage in a single application

WAGNER spray devices achieve an even coverage of paint in a single step. You'll get perfect surfaces at professional quality.

The proof - why it's better to spray

Would you like to know why spraying is better? In our comparison film, we show you how our spray guns compete against brush and roller in real-time recordings from a total of eight cameras. Take a look for yourself.

Uneven surfaces

Effortless professional coatings

The advantages of spraying are particularly clear on uneven surfaces. When sprayed, the paint distributes well even into places that are difficult to access.


Precise, controlled coats

Just how exact our spray guns are can be seen in this film. We even dare to go within millimetres of an iPad.


Quick change with Click & Paint

With Click & Paint you can change the paint or the material in a flash and within seconds you're ready for the next project.


3 times faster than conventional rollers

Save time dipping and wiping thanks to this innovative direction suction technique. The time you save is seen easily in direct comparison.


Work faster and more professionally with just one tool

Spray devices apply the paint much faster than brush and roller. For starters, there is no need to prime the edges and corners with the brush - the paint is applied in a single work step.

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