Bringing Excellence to Industrial Application Equipment

WAGNER made its introduction into the North American market with the purchase of Reclaim, a Division of Finishing Systems Services Inc. in 1993. WAGNER’s U.S. Industrial Headquarters is located in Elgin, Illinois. In addition to housing Customer Service, Engineering and a full Service and Repair Department, WAGNER has state-of-the art powder coating and liquid coating labs. These are used for product demonstrations, distribution training, and coating consultation. WAGNER also manufactures and assembles at this facility. 

This past May, 2014, Wagner Systems, Inc. celebrated its 20th Anniversary in North America during their Annual Distributor Conference. Hubert Riek, former CEO Wagner Industrial Solutions, together with Matthias Koehler, General Manager of Wagner Systems, Inc. and Janet James, Business Development Sales Manager recognized both WAGNER employees and distributors for their sales accomplishments, tenure, and dedication in the industry representing WAGNER.

As a foundation owned company with family roots, the WAGNER Group represents the energy, vision, and inventive talent displayed by its founder, Josef Wagner. Two foundations were set up to guarantee the company’s continuity according to his vision. The task of these two foundations is to maintain and develop the WAGNER Group as well as providing charitable services. In developing the WAGNER Group, emphasis is put on innovative products, and providing the latest technology and coating solutions. The foundations pursue non-profitable and charitable aims supporting individuals and families in situations of need, supporting the maintenance of nurseries, residential, retirement and nursing homes, as well as supporting talented student and apprentices. WAGNER donates to charitable institutions that pursue similar goals to that of the foundations.

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