The modular spraying system without compromise

In collaboration with professional users, a new generation of turbines has been developed that does not compromise where quality, functionality and price-performance are concerned. This new technology covers a much wider spectrum than today’s HVLP technology, and it offers  the special Extra (X). Due to 60% higher air volume and  30% greater area coverage than other low-pressure devices the XVLP series shows a higher atomisation performance.
Using the WAGNER XVLP Spraying system (consisting of a turbine and various spraying attachments), means varnishes, standard lacquers, high-viscosity lacquers and water-based paints can all be processed in a quality that convinces the professionals.

The trend-setting slot nozzle

  • Perfect surface due to a better atomisation of high-viscosity coating materials
  • High flow rate and fast operating speed
  • Wide variety of sprayable materials (water-based and latex paints can now also be processed)
  • The latest generation of more high-viscosity materials (Thixotrope) can be processed without problems whereas it is not possible for them to be atomised using a conventional HVLP device.
  • WAGNER patent applied for
[Translate to English:] Schlitzdüse XVLP

Click & Paint

Switch the material and colour shade in no time at all.
Arduous and flawed replacement of needle valve nozzle sets is not necessary any longer.

    1. Switch to the next colour and, with it, to the next project.
    2. Push the lever for loosening the spraying attachment off the airgun. Then turn the spraying attachment by 90°.
    3. Push the spraying attachment off the airgun. Yet you are ready for the next attachment and the next project in another colour or with a different material.

    Complete control with Direct Spray Control

    1. Adjustment of the spray jet width: Regardless of whether large surfaces, corners and edges, narrow rails or door frames are to be processed, the spray jet can be adjusted to your chosen object by turning a knob on the spraying attachment.
    2. Setting the media quantity: Likewise on the airgun, there is a second controller on which you can regulate the media quantity at various stages.
    3. Setting the air volume: Inside or outside? Surface areas or filigree corners? No problem – set the air volume individually on the controller for perfect atomisation depending on the media and the object.

    [Translate to English:] Wagner FinishControl 3500
    • Handy: Smallest in class with a convenient carrying strap
    • Compact and portable: delivered in an easy transportable case. Even with two additional spraying attachments inside!
    • Handheld and Compact : 2.3kg
    • Ideal for projects up to 50m²
    [Translate to English:] FinishControl 5000
    • Compact and handy: Weight in your hand only spray attachment (ca. 800 g) plus material
    • For projects up to 50m²
    • Universal usage: for glazes, enamel and latex paints
    • Ideal for fast material changes

    Use either the spraying attachment...

    [Translate to English:] FineSpray
    [Translate to English:] StandardSpray
    [Translate to English:] WallSpray
    ✓✓ WAGNER recommendation ✓ Suitable to only a limited extent ✗ No recommendation
    Spray attachmentFineSprayStandardSprayWallSpray
    Varnishes (low-viscosity and thin-fluid media)✓✓
    Standard lacquers (water-based and solvent-based)✓✓
    High-viscosity (water-based and solvent-based)
    Internal wall paints (dispersion and latex paints)✓✓

    ...or the CanAdapter

    [Translate to English:] XVLP CanAdapter
    • Suitable for: commercially available 750 ml paint tins (maximum dimensions Ø=102 mm, h=119 mm) and 1000 ml paint tins (maximum dimensions Ø=112 mm, h=132 mm).
    • No need to refill: Screw the paint tin directly into position and off you go! The paint can be stored in the opened original container.
    • Simple cleaning: The paint tin can be disposed of when empty (please consider the environment). Only a few paint-conveying parts of the spray attachment have to be cleaned.
    • Scope of delivery: Can adapter including feed pipe; sealing rings; height adapter for 750 ml paint tins; grip extension (necessary only in combination with FC 3500).

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