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RU Fine spray system
Wood&Metal Sprayer W 150

The compact spray system for paint and varnish

The W 150 paint and varnish spray system is ideal for projects around your home. From giving your garden shed or wooden fence a complete coat of paint or touching up or improving the appearance of chairs and benches the W 150 is the ideal companion. With contactless coating for paints, varnishes and wood preservatives, you can achieve even and complete surface protection. Even hard-to-reach areas such as uneven surfaces on wicker furniture can also be coated with ease - saving not just time but your patients as well! Old furniture, fences or even wooden flooring can be given a new shine and fresh appearance in the quickest most professional way. Everyone can make their own personal creative colour dreams come true.

The three-way-adjustable spray jet, which offers horizontal, vertical and detailed spraying ensures you can spray whichever way you prefer. Thanks to the unique Click&Paint system, changing colour is effortless, because other spray attachments can be simply clicked on.

You can find all the accessories you need to tackle all your home projects in your DIY store or on our website.

RU Fine spray system
Wood&Metal Sprayer W 150

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W 150 Produktbild
  • small - medium
  • 5m² in 10 min
  • 0-140 ml/min
  • 70 W
  • 300 W
  • 100 DIN-sec
  • 600 ml
    • Minimal Overspray Test

      Minimal Overspray Test