FURNO Heat Guns

WallPerfect FLEXiO 995

WallPerfect W 565

WallPerfect FLEXiO 585

WallPerfect W 665

WallPerfect FLEXiO 687

WallPerfect FLEXiO 867

WallPerfect W 985 E

WallPerfect HandiRoll 550

WallPerfect TurboRoll 550

WallPerfect DecoRoll 300 Set

W 550

W 560

W 610

W 670

W 95

W 140 P

W 180 P

W 450 SE

W 14

W 15

W 16

DTS 5800

Project 115

ProjectPro 119

ProjectPro 117

Accessories for DIYers


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Wall colorWall color
Paints & glazesPaints & glazes
Fine brushFine brush
Steam wallpaperSteam wallpaper
Spray guard
Spray guard
HEA Tip 311
HEA Tip 311 1000x1000px
HEA Tip 517
HEA Tip 517 1000x1000px
HEA Tip 619
[Translate to UK:] HEA Tip 619
Nozzle XS
Duese Lack
Nozzle S
Duese Lack
Nozzle M

Duese Lack Wandfarbe
Nozzle L

Duese Wandfarbe
Nozzle XL

Duese Wandfarbe
Filter XS-S
Filter XS
Filter M

Filter M
Filter L-XXL
Filter L

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