The new generation of Control Pro Airless paint sprayers — with high-efficiency Airless technology

Control Pro represents a new generation of revolutionary airless paint sprayers based on a completely new technology — High Efficiency Airless, or HEA. This includes innovative nozzle technology combined with a highly efficient but pressure-reduced pump.

Benefits of High Efficiency Airless technology

Up to 55% less overspray

Thanks to the lower pressure, up to 55% less overspray is generated compared to conventional airless technology. This makes airless spraying systems with HEA technology particularly attractive for indoor use, as the amount of masking required is significantly reduced, saving a lot of time. Reduced overspray also means material savings as less paint is wasted due to atomisation.

Maximum control and ease of use

Uncontrolled spraying and application errors are a thing of the past. The reduced pressure of the Control Pro Airless devices results in less recoil and a lower speed of the material particles — so you maintain maximum control while spraying. The ergonomic handle and light trigger of the high-quality HEA Airless gun guarantees effortless and comfortable working.

Perfect coverage

The new design of the High Efficiency Airless nozzle allows a softer spray jet, so you always get streak-free results with perfect coverage when working with emulsion or varnish.

Longer service life

Compared to conventional airless devices, High Efficiency Airless reduces the spraying pressure by around 50% with the same material flow rate. This has a further positive effect: the pump and its components are less stressed, resulting in reduced wear and therefore a longer service life for Control Pro devices.

Why Airless spraying?

Advantages compared to painting with a brush or roller

  • Time savings: at least 10x faster than using brushes and rollers
  • Even coverage in just one pass
  • Direct intake from the paint container
  • No cutting in required: corners and edges can be cleanly and easily sprayed

Who should use Airless paint spraying systems?

The Control Pro Airless paint spraying systems from WAGNER are designed for the regular application of paints including emulsions for larger scale projects. The new HEA technology ensures that both experienced and first-time users can easily achieve perfect results.

DIY enthusiasts

Typical projects for the ambitious DIY'er, such as complete interior design or house renovations in which a variety of objects need to be painted, such as walls and ceilings, doors, frames, furniture, timbers, radiators, railings, steel beams, window sills or carports.

Caretakers and maintenance personnel

For caretakers and maintenance personnel who look after hotels, residential buildings or schools, the devices offer a wide range of applications. Reliable, fast and versatile, they are always ready whenever dirt or graffiti needs to be removed from wall surfaces and stairs, or when long fences or even large areas (e.g. a row of garage doors) need to be sprayed quickly and effectively.


The Control Pro Airless devices are also highly effective tools for contractors who occasionally perform painting work — for example, a carpenter coating the cladding on a wooden house or a locksmith sealing steel supports with an anti corrosion product.


Control Pro 250 M Control Pro 350 MControl Pro 250 RControl Pro 350 R
For ambitious DIY'ers, maintenance personnel and craftspeople with small to medium sized projectsFor ambitious DIY'ers, maintenance personnel and craftspeople with medium to large sized projectsFor small to medium-sized projects undertaken by ambitious DIY'ers, maintenance personnel and craftspeopleFor ambitious DIY'ers, maintenance personnel and craftspeople with medium to large sized projects
Compact stand-mounted unit with metal carry handleMobile thanks to robust metal cart with wheels and telescopic handleCompact stand-mounted unit with carry handleCompact stand-mounted unit with carry handle
Max. delivery volume: 1.25 l/minMax. delivery volume: 1.5 l/minMax. delivery volume: 1.25 l/minMax. delivery volume: 1.5 l/min
Spraying pressure 11 MPa (110 bar)Spraying pressure 11 MPa (110 bar)Spraying pressure 11 MPa (110 bar)Spraying pressure 11 MPa (110 bar)
Hose length 9 mHose length 15 mHose length 9 mHose length 15 m
Power consumption 550 WPower consumption 600 WPower consumption 550 WPower consumption 600 W

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