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    The WAGNER 3+1 guarantee for home decorating products

The WAGNER 3+1 guarantee for home decorating products

WAGNER is launching its guarantee campaign! From now on, every purchaser of a WAGNER home decorating product will get three years of manufacturer's guarantee. But that's not all: This guarantee can now be extended by a further year by registering online. For you, this means four years' peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What advantages do I have from the 3+1 year guarantee agreement?

  • The normal guarantee period to cover any material, machining or performance defects in your unit is now a standard 3 years for all WAGNER home decorating units that have the 3+1 Years logo on the packaging or a corresponding indication in the Operating Instructions.
  • If you register online, this normal guarantee period can be extended by an additional year free-of-charge to give you four years of cover.

2. What is not covered by the guarantee?

  • In general, parts subject to wear such as seals, nozzles, valves, hoses etc. are excluded from the guarantee. 
  • The guarantee does not cover commercial use (see guarantee agreement).

3. What products benefit from the 3+1 year guarantee agreement?

  • All commercially available WAGNER home decorating units with the 3+1 Year logo on the packaging or a corresponding indication in the Operating Instructions.

4. Where or from whom can I claim the guarantee?

  • Authorised retailers
  • WAGNER points of service (see Operating Instructions)

5. How can I claim under the guarantee?

  • The product must be sent carriage-paid or presented together with the original purchase document. (Guarantee certificates are only required if you have registered for the guarantee extension from 3 to 4 years)

6. What happens to my data when I register?

  • Your data is subject to strict data protection regulations and is treated confidentially
  • Your data will be disclosed only for the purposes required for the contractual agreements.

You will find the terms and conditions of the 3+1 guarantee here (PDF)

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