Airless nozzles

At the heart of Airless spraying

HEA ProTip nozzles

  • Up to 55% less overspray with maximum control
  • The gently feathered jet spray ensures better coverage with overlapping of the strokes and avoids hard edges. Re-rollering of the sprayed surface is not required.
  • Fatigue-free working: low-pressure spraying ensures low gun recoil, allowing particularly pleasant and fatigue-free working.
  • Reduced coverage efforts: the work required to achieve coverage, especially for indoor projects, is reduced.
  • Long service life: The robust nozzle design made from carbide and the lower spraying pressure means the nozzle experiences less wear. This is why HEA nozzles can be used for twice as long as conventional airless nozzles. Even the lifespan of the device itself is prolonged.

2SpeedTip nozzles
The time-saving 2-in-1 nozzle

  • The right nozzle size for every job Just twist on and the right nozzle size is installed
  • Variety: Three nozzle types are available for your enamel, emulsion and filler applications
  • To make things clear: The colour coding on the nozzle indicates the matching gun filter