Paint spray system
Wood&Metal Sprayer W 200

The simple solution for solvent-based paints and varnishes

In contrast to hand-held fine spray systems, when you use the W 200 you only hold the spray attachment in your hand. The turbine is separate and can be carried over your shoulder if required. This makes this product light and easily manoeuvrable for long periods at a time. The spray jet can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for larger projects or set to a round-jet for detail work, suiting all of your project needs.

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Article number236 1512
Project sizesmall - medium
Performance5 m² in 9 min.
Paint volumefully adjustable, 0-120 ml/min
Atomisation power110 W
Power consumption460 W
Max. viscosity170 DIN-sec
Reservoir capacity800 ml
Hose length1.8 m
Quality seal
Manual Wood&Metal Sprayer W 200

Manual Wood&Metal Sprayer W 200