Studio Home Decor Sprayer

Flexible handheld sprayer for creative projects

Turning old into new is the current trend in the DIY world: giving favourite worn-out possessions a new lease of life and adding your own personal touch of colour. Upcycling creates items that have their own special charm. WAGNER's Studio Home Decor Sprayer offers the ideal solution for turning your creative visions into reality: Suitable for all chalk paints, decorative paints, primers, oils, enamels and varnishes.

The light spray gun allows you to work with minimum effort and great maneuverability. Even whilst you are spraying you remain in complete control: You can fully adjust the quantity of paint. The spray jet can also be adjusted horizontally or vertically as well as made wider or narrower to suit all your project needs. Hard-to-reach areas and textured surfaces are no problem thanks to the point jet.

£ 69,95 *

*recommended retail price
Article number2386956
Project sizesmall - medium
Paint flow ratefully adjustable, 0 - 150 ml/min
Atomisation power130 W
Power consumption460 W
Max. viscositycan handle all standard paints without diluting-on smooth surfaces for particularly thick, high viscosity materials, dilute by 10%
Reservoir capacity600 ml for chalk paints, wood & metal paints
Manual Studio Home Decor Sprayer

Manual Studio Home Decor Sprayer