AquaCoat 5020 Automatic

Large cabinet for the electrostatic processing of water-based lacquers with max. two automatic guns. Completely insulated construction with internal charging of the materials for manual spraying applications, AirSpray and AirCoat. Suitable for low pressure guns (GA2800EAW & WA900) or high pressure guns (GA 4000).



Output voltage80,0 kV
Output current100 µA
Total capacity60 l, 15,85 gal(US)
Length560,0 mm, 22.0 in.
Width800 mm, 31.5 in.
Height1470 mm, 57.9 in.
WAGNER Press release AquaCoat

WAGNER Press release AquaCoat

BO Aquacoat 5010 5020 ENG

BO Aquacoat 5010 5020 ENG

Print ROI
ROI - Calculation for AquaCoat Applications
ROI - Calculation for AquaCoat Applications
ExampleYour calculation 1Your calculation 2
Cost (price per liter)3
Consumption (liter per day)X30liter
Time (days per month)X15days
Saving potential
TechnologyExampleYour calculation 1Your calculation 2
fromtoup to
Airspray (conventional)GM 5000EA65%
Airless (conventional)GM 5000EAC65%
AirCoat (conventional)GM 5000EAC50%
selected valueX40%X % %
Material Savings
Monthly in €=540
Yearly in €=6480
Production improvemets
working hours per year (average usage of Aquacoat system per year)800h
performance improvements in % (how much working time can be saved)X20% % %
labour cost per hour in € (labor cost in €)X20
Savings on Cleaning for release agent
Regular cleaning actions per year (e.g. 40 time per year)40
Savings on one time cleaning actionsX25% % %
Cost per cleaning action in € (cost for cleaning incl. Dry ice, work force)X1000
Total savings=19 680
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The performance and transfer efficiency depends on the paint, work piece and application conditions.