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High-performance service for liquid solutions

WAGNER offers its customers a service network that spans the globe. At its service support points, you can always be sure of finding the right contact person for all your technical questions.

Our service offer:

  • Technology you can rely on: With your WAGNER system, you already have a reliable basis for a top-quality production operation. If you have any questions on optimising your production runs or analysing any errors that occur, you can call on the expertise and experience of the WAGNER service team.

  • Service & maintenance: The regular maintenance of your system ensures exceptionally stable, reliable processes. Problems can be identified and eliminated before they develop. This prevents unexpected repairs and downtimes. You benefit from peace of mind and a reliable system.

  • Expertise: The most recent developments and updates can be extremely useful for you and your processes. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to you. Either during maintenance work – after all, we're both together in the same building – or when you attend one of our training courses!

Your contacts in the Markdorf headquarter:

Technical support for liquid solutions:

+49 (0)7544 - 505 1925

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